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Visit the Worlds Largest Armadillo

Killer the Armadillo at Fall Creek Farms

Every thing is bigger in Texas!  Including “Killer” the Armadillo which is located at Fall Creek Farms near Acton, TX.  Killer weighs in at 4.5 tons, has a total length of 48 feet and is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest armadillo.

The sculpture is the work of Texas welding artist Marc Rankin who devoted over 2000 hours to create the sculpture as a centerpiece to a 2002 exhibit at Six Flags called “Best of Texas 2002”.  Over a million people saw the sculpture at Six Flags, but then killer had a difficult time finding a home.

The sculpture was sold 4 different times before farmer and art collector Cullen Crisp purchased the piece and added it to his collection of other artwork located on his farm which has both a bed a breakfast and a u-pick farming operation.

Falls Creek Farm is located near Granbury, TX at 6820 Fall Creek Highway,

Facial details are amazing

Granbury, Texas 76049.  During the spring you can pick strawberries, summer will bring 500 trees of delicious juicy peaches and summer will also provide melons and vegetables.

While you are visiting you can also see some other great sculptures.

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